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Lego Party Yacht

This all inclusive private yacht features a host of fun and interactive elements that give it a specialized character. The Yacht includes,

  • Three driving ports
  • One bedroom, kitchen, and living quarters
  • Top party deck with disco floor and ball, speakers, hot tub, and more
  • Picnic area at bow
  • splash deck at stern
  • Satellite and weather station
  • spiral staircase
  • water slide
  • cutout to see inside
  • 46 stud length

Most boats already produced by lego seem include, Lego police ship, firefighter ship, and other fishing and city service ocean cruisers. I say it's time to add some fun to the water. All the options on this boat like the speakers, water slide, splash deck, disco floor, and disco ball make this yacht a blast for kids. While the more practical side such as the access to driving ports on every floor, picnic area, bedroom, living quarters, and the hot tub provide interest towards older builders. Whatever your favorite lego category may be this yacht will accommodate just that with its features limited only to a 46 stud length. I am very excited to share this model and hope this idea will make it through. Thank you.

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