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RMS Titanic: The Legendary Ship Anyone can Build


Hey! What's something BIG you can build with Lego?

Think "Really Big"! How about the RMS Titanic?

It's one of history's most famous ships. This was a luxurious ship that caught the attention of the world back in 1912. It was the largest ship ever built at the time and was designed to be an engineering marvel. It had a steel plated hull with 16 water-tight compartments to prevent it from sinking. For its passengers, there was a beautiful, grand staircase, a gymnasium, electric baths and had the first swimming pool ever to be built in a ship.

Here is a model of the RMS Titanic that is fun and easy to build. It's not too complicated, but challenging enough that an eight-year old with a love for steam-powered ships and Lego could build.

That's what sets this Titanic model apart from all the others. For the most part, it uses very common Lego blocks but has a few more specialized pieces. Take a look at the three propellors at the stern, at the little, round lights on the funnels and the little decorations throughout the ship. I hope you'll be on board for this voyage and support this design.

Thank you!

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