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Odym: The Homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps


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This is a representation of the planet Odym, the homeplanet of the Blue Lantern corps.

Odym is a planet with a lot of vegetations, a planet of lush beauty and unrestrained life; it is my favorite planet of the Lantern planets. The Blue Lantern Central Power Battery is created to fuel the Blue Lantern Power Rings with the power of Hope; it has been forged by Ganthet and Sayd, two of the Gardians of the Universe.


Saint Walker, the first Blue Lantern, is in this set with:

  • the Blue Lantern Sister Sercy,

  • Ganthet, one of the Gardians of the Universe,

  • the Red Lantern Atrocitus in minifigure,

  • the Black Lantern Black Hand,

  • the Star Saphir Carol Ferris, an important character,

  • and the White Lantern Kyle Rayner, one of the strongest Lanterns on DC Comics.


Infortunately there was not enough choice on the logiciel, so that is the reason of why there is not a lot of details on the characters. But you could see how they really look like on the video game Lego Batman 3, except Ganthet, Sister Sercy, and Atrocitus (because he is only on bigfigure) which haven't been on lego yet. 


It spend a lot of time to make this set as similar as the real vegetation of Odym but I finally finished. I will continue to improve the set. This set is thought to have a lot of playability with the roofs (they can be removed to play in the houses) and the characters, who haven't been on a set yet. I used the system of the Jabba's Palace (9516) to make the roofs more easely to remove. A part of the cliff can be projected in the air and the pedestal has a drawer that can be open to put some characters accessories.


There are:

  • the Saint Walker's wooden house, where there are a fireplace, a bed, an armchair and lots of other details,

  • a big wooden house with two beds, a fireplace, a library, and some other accessories,

  • a waterfall with a secret hiding place behind,

  • a tree which can fall,

  • a wooden table outside with some food,

  • some animals of Odym,

  • the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery (it can be removed),

  • the characters with their accessories (portable batteries, power rings, weapons...),

  • and a pedestal where the characters can be exposed.


I hope that you like the set and the design. Thanks for all the supporters who have sheared the project to their friends and for all the supporters who have voted and will vote.


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