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Is anyone hungry for an authentic savory Margherita pizza with the right crust, delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella di Bufala cheese and fresh basil?  

When you think of Italy, you most certainly think about the wonderful food that they are famous for around the world.  Italy and pizza are synonymous.  In addition to being a staple in the people’s diet, it also is part of the Italian lifestyle.  Grabbing a piece of pizza (“al taglio”) on the go or savoring a pizza as a meal with family or friends at a pizzeria is part of an Italian’s regular routine.  

This pizzeria is built on two floors to provide ample room for our customers.  As you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed into an inviting dining area with tables and chairs.  There is also a bar counter with the cash and a coat hook nearby.  Behind the counter, there are shelves with bottles, glasses and mugs as well as the oven and fridge. On one of the walls, there is a large flat screen TV where the latest games and shows are displayed.  Close to the oven, there is a shovel to place the pizzas in and out hot oven, cans of tasty ingredients, and a table full of cardboard boxes. A wooden staircase leads to an open air terrace and a glass tunnel covered with plants and flowers.  The exterior tables are round and each one is protected by an umbrella in case of showers.  The awnings are the same colors as the Italian flag.

Outside, on the sidewalk, there are two signs for the pizzeria and a big street lamp.

In total there are 1270 pieces and 4 mini-figures: the pizzaiolo (aka the pizza chef), the waiter and two guests.

    Hope you like it:)

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