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Modern Mansion Getaway

This is a Modern mansion vacation home! I built it because I love modern style homes, and you can build anything with Lego! This would make a great set because there are no modern style home lego sets, and all the floors are removable for easy play.
The master bedroom is the top floor. It includes a bed, an office, and a ping-pong table.
The floor directly under that includes the kitchen and living room. The kitchen has counters cabinets, and an island, and the living room has a couch and a TV. 
The other two rooms are the girls bedroom and the boys bedroom. the girls room includes a bed, a stuffed bear, a dresser, and  a toybox. (which she is putting clothes in, they should have told her to clean her room before they took pictures of their house)  The boys room includes a stuffed bear, a bed, a dresser, a desk, a toy robot, and a portable gaming console.

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