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Xbox Controller With Display Stand

This build is a replica of an Xbox controller (primarily based on the Xbox Series X controller, to be specific) that can be displayed and played with (only as a LEGO model). It has a compact build and has dimensions somewhat similar to the real controller (this model measures roughly 5.5" x 3.75" x 1.5"), though it is not completely size accurate. On the back of the controller, similar to its real counterpart, there is an accessible compartment for batteries where they can be placed snugly and taken out easily. The batteries, of course, are included!

For the stand portion of the build, I aimed to create something simple that does not take up too much space yet also something that complements the overall structure and display. The stand is stable and can hold up the controller easily and securely.

I built this model because I myself have an interest in gaming and I wanted to build something to display on my desk that went along with this hobby of mine. Therefore, this build incorporates two of my interests (one being gaming and the other being LEGO, of course!).

I believe that this would make a fantastic LEGO set because of its similarity to the real thing and its ability to be adequately displayed and played with as a LEGO model (whichever suits the builder!).

If you would like to see this possibly become a real LEGO set, please support the idea. Thank you!

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