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Save the King


Hello everyone,

I created this project for all LEGO lovers and chess players like me; and it may become a real LEGO set with your support.

I tried to create an eternal fun. The game will never end with my project: after construction of the chessboard, you will not leave it on a shelf, you will play chess.

The project is made for all ages. Usually adults are very happy to play chess, but they do not like playing with LEGO: with my project I tried to push adults to play more and more with children.

My project is more original than the other LEGO-chess already existing, because my construction is entirely created with normal LEGO bricks. Moreover, all chess pieces are complete and perfectly detailed: for example I built the whole horse, not only its head; the queens and kings are fine detailed, and their arms can also move; finally, the crowns of the kings are customized putting a touch of color.

Thank you for looking and I hope you vote for my project.

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