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Roman Town


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The Roman Empire is one of the most recognizable civilizations in the world due to its beautiful architecture and overall effect on history. That is why I have decided to focus on the common Roman who would have lived in towns like this dotted across the serene countryside among olive trees and rows vineyards.

In this quiet town there is a farm that provides everyone with food such as grapes, olives and milk. In the center of town there is a sundial so you can see what time of day it is. There is also a workstation for people to make pottery in the tallest building. And finally, after a day of work you can visit the bath house to relax and socialize.

I made this set because I love history and I saw how very few Roman Lego sets exist. However, if this becomes a real set you would get a little bit of everything that made the Roman Empire so interesting. From the Iconic architecture to the clothing on the minifigures this set has it all!

Also included in this set is:
2013 pieces
5 minifigures
1 cow
Removable rooves so you can access buildings interiors

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