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The Solar System


Pluto or No Pluto-What are your thoughts?

Hi everyone, I would love to get your feedback on whether or not I should include Pluto in this set proposal. I know some of you like that I added Pluto and others feel that it shouldn't be included due to it being a dwarf-planet. I would love it if you all wouldn't mind answering a quick question on Survey Monkey selecting either Yes or No. This is so I can decide if I add an update without Pluto included.


100+ Supporters and Jupiter Update

Thank you to everyone so far who has supported this set proposal!

With over 130 supporters in a few days, at this rate, this project is on track to gaining many more supports.

I decided I would add an update to my creation, by updated Jupiter.

Thanks so much to Lego Ideas user 'Legomatic' ( for suggesting how I can further provide accuracy and detail to Jupiter. They suggested that I add The Great Red Dot to Jupiter. The Great Red Dot is a continual high-pressure region in the atmosphere of Jupiter, producing what is known as an anticyclonic storm. I used two 1x1 plates and one 1x1 round plate to create the spot.


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