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The Solar System


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Hey everyone, here is my latest Lego Ideas project based on the Solar System. I have submitted a similar project proposal to this before however this is an updated version, where I have changed the colour scheme of some of the planets and like many people requested, I have added Pluto. I decided to make the Solar System because I know many people on Lego Ideas are into science and space science. I have created the sun and the 9 planets from the solar system. They are all in order from the closest to the sun, to the furthest. In order, we have the Sun, then Mercury, then Venus, then the Earth, then Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn, then Uranus, then Neptune, and finally, Pluto (a much debated planet). Each planet has a stand to hold it up, which are then placed on a number of black plates. Included with this set proposal, is a plark which reads 'Solar System'. This project is made up of almost 600 pieces.

I hope you all enjoy and support this set proposal!

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