Product Idea

Sea King Rescue Helicopter

Rescue The Swimmer With The Sea King Rescue Helicopter!!

Lower The Rescue Swimmer To Help The Injured Swimmer.

Lower The Rescue Basket To Lift The Injured Swimmer Back To The Helicopter.

Raise The Rescue Swimmer Back Up To The Helicopter.

Fly The Hurt Swimmer To The Nearest Airport Or Hospital For Treatment.

This Set Includes 4 Minifigures: 1 Swimmer, 1 Helicopter Pilot, 2 Helicopter Crewmen/Rescue Swimmer.

Equipment Includes Rescue Swimmer Gear, 2 16mm Chains For Carrying Cargo, 1 6mm Chain, 1 Rescue Basket.

Also Includes 1 Vehicle: A Sea King Helicopter.

Play Features Include: 2 Sliding Side Doors, 2 Winches, 1 Large and 1 Small Spinning Rotors, Helicopters Wheels Roll Freely For Taxing Helicopter (Works Best On Hard Surfaces).

Kids And Adults Will Enjoy Playing With The Sea King Rescue Helicopter!!!