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The Mills Pizza Restaurant


Hello everyone who likes to play and build with Lego's, this is your lego fan and builder Treetop 2017!  I am excited to tell you about my new idea called the mills pizza resturant. This idea of mine has 341 total  building pieces. I will tell you what comes with this idea of mine. Inside the mills pizza resturant you have a maitre'd station, menu box, three white menu, a kitchen with two doors, a wall for the kitchen, a pizza oven, a sink with faucet, a dish washer, a pizza chef, a vent on hole the back, a cash register desk with cash register, six different kinds of  fresh dough pizza, pizza buffet, tables and chairs, six clear windows,plates, mugs and cups, two red doors and door frames, security cameras, a chimney with smoke stack and the mills sign. I built this idea of mine yesterday while i had nothing to do and thought it would be cool if Lego made it into a real set for the market. I would have to say that it would be a medium idea and it is suitable for everyone. Thanks for your time and have a great day! Your builder and Lego fan Treetop2017!

P.S if you have suggestions on how to make this idea better please leave them on the site and i will try to put them into it! Thanks Again!


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