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LNER A4 Class 'Mallard' Steam Train


Resubmitting project shortly

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. Falling short of the next milestone is somewhat disappointing - especially when it’s so close. I’ll be resubmitting this project shortly taking on board feedback received (expect passenger carriages). Stay tuned!


Thank you for all your support - 1000 Supporters reached!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project! 1000 supporters in a little over two weeks is more than I could possibly have hoped for.

Since starting the project I've been working on a few refinements with the cabin area and have provided some pictures in this update to show the detail I am trying to capture. I've also worked on include a small statue of Sir Nigel Gresley and the Mallard duck (since removed from the real statue).

Capturing the interior detail of the Mallard.

Progress to show the interior of the tender and cabin.

View from the front.

View from side and statue of Sir Nigel Gresley and Mallard Duck.

The next update will hopefully include a video of a motorised real model in action - as well as real models of the dark blue and red versions. After that, voting permitting, I hope to work on adding carriages.

Please tell your friends and spread the word so we can hopefully make this set a reality!

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