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Old Passenger Car (The Return)


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Before the description:

I give a great big shout-out to Pretzel Brick for doing a 3D render of this project back in March 2018! He is very talented, and was kind enough to spruce this project up with a rendering program. At the time he rendered it, the LDD Gallery existed, and I had submitted this project on there. I also lacked a rendering program for LDD as well, since I did not know at the time which one was most trustworthy.

How it all came together:

It's actually quite simple: I was inspired to build this project because of an old Bangor & Aroostook passenger that resides at a local (to my house) innovation museum. I was only able to catch glimpses of the inside, for it normally isn't open for guests to go inside all the time.

Project description:

This passenger car--excuse me, old passenger car is 512 pieces. It has simple functions such as swiveling bogies, magnetic couplers, and a detachable roof. Inside the old passenger car is three pairs of seats, three tables, and a heater. The heater's top extends to a chimney on top of the old passenger car.


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