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Roland TR-808


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This is my model of the Roland TR-808. One of the most important electronic drum machines to ever come out. It had a unique analog sound that musicians could use without the need of a whole band. I have been a long time fan of electronic music, and the 808 has played an important part in the sounds I grew up listening to.

I set out to build an 808 out of LEGO. Buying a real 808 would be far out of my price range. What you see now is about two months of work. It started small with the layout of the various knobs and buttons. Once I got an idea of the scale of everything, I started construction of the main case. Everything you see is brick build using every building technique I could think of. I enjoyed the many challenges this build presented to me. It is very large and almost a 1 to 1 scale of the actual TR-808.

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