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Mech 1.10


It is a Mech, a robot operated by one man in the control-room in the center of the chest of the Mech.

It has multiple joints so it can be posed in a variety of stands.

The cockpit slides / hinges out to the front and after that can rotate so that the operater can shoot freely.

I always loved Mechs and man-controlled robots. Always watched movies and shows with them in it.

As a child I spend hours and hours building and creating from my own imagination. Not copying pictures, but truely let my hands follow my fantasy imagination.

Of course always wanted to renew my LEGO collection, I collected LEGO on every occasion, and so it grew.

So I always kept my collection of a variety of blocks (Technics as well as normal LEGO) and the idea was always to once create a big Mech from it.

I think now I found the time and peace to bring down my big chest of LEGO from upstairs and start building again and soon came to realize that I still love it and that I am still able to create whatever I think of.

I started with the cockpit and build out from there, over-watching the parts I have and which stuff I really wanted to go into the Mech, what it should be able to do and look like.

So when the center was done, I started to make the legs and made sure it could stand. 

After that it was adding some big guns and the Mechs arms.

I think this kind of set would be a true addition to every Mech loving LEGO builder’s collection, every one who watched tons of series and movies with them in it and fantasizing about how he or she would want to build one! There are not a lot of them out there in store, so would love to see it become a member of the LEGO family!

Loved to build it and to pose it when it was ready.

Kind regards!

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