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Humpback Whale Breach


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Every so often certain species of whale will rush to the surface of the ocean and majestically leap out of the water in a behavior known as breaching. Many have speculated as to why they do this. Some have proposed it is to get rid of parasites while others have posited that they do it for communication. While these explanations make sense, the most common opinion on breaching is it is simply a playful expression. Whales may just jump out of the water for the same reason we sometimes jump into it; not because it is beneficial to our survival but because we just enjoy it.
I decided to recreate this behavior in LEGO because I find it one of the most beautiful wonders of the natural world. I realized there are not many LEGO whale creations out there whether it be online or in actual sets. I designed the head first and worked my way down. One of the most challenging parts of the build was figuring out a way to have the whale tilted in 2 planes but i think I found a stable way to do it according to’s stability algorithm.
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