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Lego 4x2 Truck With 16-Speed Transmission


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Never had a real truck transmission in your lego truck? It's time to get one. This lego truck is inspired by European 4x2 tractor trucks for semitrailers and their common used ZF Ecosplit transmission.

This lego truck has 16-speed transmission which follows the design of ZF Ecosplit transmission. So it contains range-change unit, 4-speed main gearbox and splitter (2x4x2=16 speeds). Transmission is operated with three shift levers that are collected behind cab. (This differs slightly from real manual transmission in which range-change unit and splitter are preselectively shifted with levers mounted to main shift lever.) In low range you shift with main gears 1-4 and in high range with gears 5-8. Splitter gives low (L) and high (H) version for each eight gears. Gears are in order 1L-1H-2L-2H-3L-3H-4L-4H-range_change-5L-5H-6L-6H-7L-7H-8L-8H. Transmission and final drive ratio are fully matched with used high speed lego motor and tyre size. Ratio set, gear steps and overall gear ratio are almost a copy of real ZF Ecosplit transmission. Only two reverse gears are missing while lego motor works in both directions. Check link ratios or ratio comparison. All in all this is one of the most realistic truck transmissions you can get with lego.

Truck has also Ackermann steering so inner wheel in front axle turns to greater angle than outer wheel. Truck's suspension is done with pendulum rear axle. Like real trucks driven rear axle has double wheels and differential with mechanical lock.

Truck is lego technic design with some non functional details like lights, steering wheel and mirrors, also with other details like seats, bed, cab steps and fifth wheel. Not all possible details are included while every detail adds weight and reduces performance. But there are also some easy removable details like exhaust system, fuel and Ad Blue tanks and air tanks for brakes.

Available is both real lego truck and slightly modified full virtual model with building instructions. As an option this truck can be equipped with 12-speed (2x3x2) heavy duty truck transmission or 14-speed (2x3x2+2) severe duty transmission with two extra slow crawler gears. More info about this lego truck is in chapter B. Lego 4x2 Truck 16-speed on my Lugnet page My Lego Vehicles (ad blocker recommended). Building instructions with step by step parts list are available in Brickshelf Gallery.

So this lego truck and its transmission is one more step to add real world's engineering to be used in lego technic world. Lego technic trucks have had more realistic look, better suspension and motorization, usable cranes and many other things but not so realistic truck transmission with real ratios like this truck.

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