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The Clockwork Menagerie


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The Clockwork Menagerie

Hand crafted & intricately detailed, come view our wide array of ferrous fauna!

Set Features -
  • 2,999 pieces
  • Flight Works Compatible! – Connect the walkways to create a Steam-Punk themed city!
  • Hinged Frame – Open to view interior or Closed for a stand-alone building
  • 2 Clockwork Mechanisms:
    1. Inverted Clock – Turn the steam vent to cause the 3 clock faces to rotate.  The minute face rotates 12 times faster than the hour face, which rotates 2 times faster than the AM/PM disk.
    2. Spinning Display Stands – Turn the wheels on the front of the shop to spin the display stands, allowing you to view your new pet from every angle.
  • 8 Minifigures – 1 Proprietor, 1 Debutante, 3 Store Workers, 1 Flower Seller, 1 Celebrity, & 1 Tinker
  • 2 Vehicles – 1 Flying Delivery Truck & 1 Steam-Powered Flower Cart
  • Tons of Clockwork Animals! – Birds, Beatles, Goats, Penguins, Pigs, Dragons, 3 Kinds of Dogs, & a Giant Eagle!


Other fun details include –

  • Pet Repair Station
  • Ornamented Staircase
  • Glass Covered Skywalk
  • Domed Roof
  • Internal Spiral Staircase
  • Pig-Mounted Service Counter
  • Large Display Windows with Brass Wings


Designer’s Notes –

Clockwork animals are luxury items, hard to maintain & made from expensive materials, so their store needed to be truly opulent.  There’s a lot I’m proud of in this set, but the clock took the longest to figure out.  I was obsessed with getting the hands to spin at the proper ratios.  In the end, it was simpler to spin the faces instead.  Attach a motor to the drive-shaft & it could even be used as a real clock!  So crank those gears by clicking the support button & together we’ll get the Clockwork Menagerie ready to run!


 ~ Scott

P.S. -  This is my second time submitting The Clockwork Menagerie.  The first time was almost two years ago and it was my second most successful set to date.  I chose to resubmit it in the hope to avoid some exposure problems I had early on.  The surge of support it received towards the end, has lead me to think it deserves a second chance!

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