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JR East E235 Series Train

E235 series is a DC general tram series belonging to East Japan Railway Company(JR East Japan). The E235 series is the successor of the E231 series 500 series (which has served Yamanote Line since 2002); The first mass production marshalling has been delivered in March 2015, and the Tokyo Yamanote Line has been introduced into operation since the autumn of 2015. Mass production will begin in mid-2017, replacing all E231 series on Yamanote Line before 2020.
The reason why I build this thing up is there must be a commuter train in my Lego City, and the train in Japan is a good answer. Also, Lego has released a huge Hogwarts Express this year, which showed us a 10-stud-wide train, which encouraged me to build a bigger train than any time before. If this idea comes true, we will enlarge Lego fans’ train collection, definitely.(sorry for my poor English…)

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