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The Medieval Mountain Village


Go back in time to discover the beauty of a medieval village full of life.
This small mountain village of more than 2500 pieces will complete your medieval city.
Rotate the impeller to grind the wheat, use the winch to move a crate filled with apples, visit the interior of houses, take care of animals ... Everything is there!

-12 minifigures (a dairywoman, the prince, four soldiers, a child, a coachman, a blacksmith, a woman, a jester and a farmer)
-4 hens, 2 goats, a pig, 2 horses and a white owl
-a cart filled with merchandise
-a table, benches and a throne for the village banquet
- tools, weapons, food, bottles, glasses, a cauldron ...
-the village: 36.5x25.5x41 cm

The village contains:
-a piece of mountain on which houses are built
-a staircase to get to the top of the village
-a water mill
-a small stream
-greenery, flowers, bushes ...
-four houses: a small dark green house, a large white, a yellow and a small blue house.

In the houses we find: a bedroom with two dark green beds, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, an entrance, a cellar with a forge. The blue house contains a bedroom and a small room. There are two fireplaces.
Some windows are made of stained glass.

You can turn a crank on the side of the forge to turn the paddle mill and grind the wheat. There is another crank to use the winch.
The interior of the houses is entirely equipped.


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