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Dance Floor

Hello everyone! How's it going?

For this set, I have stepped off the Star Wars sets for a time. I'm waiting for the Clone Wars TV series to continue.

This set hosts multiple minifigures on a dance floor in a mirror room. Here, people practice their dancing before performing on stage.

Here they are again from above. As you can see, the floor is made of tiles. But don't be deceived, there are studs holding them up.

Here is an image of the set without minifigures. You can see the studs, as well as the mirror. The mirror is supposed to be able to reflect like any normal mirror, but that is something Lego will need to do, since you can't do working mirrors on LDD.

Here, we have each of the minifigures. We have twelve dancers, ten of which are background dancers, while the white dancer is the leader, and the one with the microphone and hat is the trainer.

Thank you for looking at this set. I hope you enjoyed looking at it, but I have one more thing to say. I based the lead dancer/singer off of a real celebrity. Try to guess who it is, and put your guess in the comments.

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