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Ultimate Wheatley


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This is my model of Wheatley from portal 2. He is a Protagonist through the first part of the game, but eventually becomes the main antagonist. 

Wheatley is a personality core meant to attach to GLaDOS (genetic lifeform and disk operating system), used to dampen her intelligence, but he ends up looking after test subjects that are in suspended animation. After meeting the main protagonist Chell, he helps guide her through the decaying Aperture science enrichment center.

This model is life-sized, and detailed inside and out. some features include:

*Position the handlers and "eye brows" to show a wide range of emotion!

*The "eye" can light up if you attach a technic battery pack in Wheatley's back hatch.

*Sturdy and hold-able!

*Display plaque with mini Wheatley on management rail coming soon!


Wheatley is great for display, or just lugging him around with a portal gun in your hands! He has about 700-1000 pieces.

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