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Airport Terminal


Control Tower and Medium size plane

Hi everyone!

I think that a Control Tower and a small plane would be a nice addition to make the set more realistic,so I created them!

The Plane

I'd like to show you this difference from the standard Lego City Cupboard storage:this is a big space for loading things like luggage and small cargo objectsI changed the front piece to add some variety to existing lego planes.

The plane has got one seat for the pilot,one for a flight assistant and four seat for the passengers
please notice this custom aileron
The towerThe tower has got four seats for two people:there are two couples of terminal (one radar and one pc) for every air traffic controller.
Outside there is a terminal for controls communication,some binoculars and a fire extinguisher for safetyThere is a rotatable antenna on the top of the tower with intermediate interchangable angles
An overall look
the gate access
Total pieces:2976