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Airport Terminal


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This is my custom airport set (built with 2471 bricks) complete with an airport terminal,23 minifigures,a park for police car and a fire truck,two roads plates and an utility vehicle with trailers.

I created it,because I think that Lego City (or creator) needs a big airport terminal.
I suppose this could be a collector edition, but I believe that airplanes fans or City creators will love it and buy it. Even children can play with it, because the roof and the second floor is easily removable.
I really put love, time and attention to every particular, so I hope this set will be produce one day!


First, you'll access the airport via a road that leave you on the revolving door.

On your right, you can find the arrival zone, in front of you there are stairs that leads you to the Security controls area, and on the left you can find the check in area. 

If you want, there is a shop, a coffee bar and a Police Office that works as lost and found too. There is an ATM too.

On the second floor, you can find a restaurant, a bathroom, and a newspaper stand. You can find also another ATM, some seats, and the Gate access.Now you can access your plane, and find your seat.

Enjoy your flight!

Your luggage, after the check in, will go on a conveyor belt that leads on the loading area, where an operator will load them in the plane. 

If you're arriving, you will go on the arrival zone, where a policeman will control your passport.

You can find a small airplane on the door's top, and a big one on the roof.There are 23 minifigures:

There are two animals too: an hedgehog and a bug.

I added some custom stickers, because I'd like to see them on this set. In the photo you can find some ideas like a Police public service announcement, some adverts on the wall, some indications, a bus stop, some timetables and some Coffee Shop advert / prints; but I think there should me more stickers like "Terminal 1" or things like that, maybe on the front glass or on the front external walls: if this product will be produce, I bet Lego Designer will do a fantastic job with stickers, like every official set!

P.S: for any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment! 

Remember to check my other projects. Thanks in advance!

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