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The Trabi - GDR Trabant 601S Car


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Let's celebrate the 25th anniversary of the German reunification with a rendition of the most iconic GDR car, the Sachsenring Trabant 601S! It was nicknamed 'Trabi' or just 'cardboard racer', and the car body was actually made of some type of plastic. Nowadays, it has become a rare sight on the streets of Berlin. So what could be more appropriate than a recreation in Lego bricks?

If the minifig is supposed to fit inside, higher windscreens would have to be used, as seen on the second picture. However, this does distort the proportions. Let me know what you think is cooler!

I'd love to see a decoration on the front part showing the grille, and a license plate on the rear.  My real-brick model uses the decorated brick from set 9480 from the Lego Cars series with the face of Finn McMissile, which is not too bad for the front.

The colour chosen is medium blue, which is closest to the most commonly seen colour of the original. Other appropriate choices would be dark orange, or very light bluish gray.

This set would make the perfect souvenir for Berlin visitors, and at a part count of 51 bricks including the minifig, it might even be sold in a polybag.

Please let me know how you like this, and give me your support!

PS: The photograph of the Trabi was taken by me in Berlin on the 1st of May, 2015.

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