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Fantasy Role Play Minifigure Stands



It all started four moons ago, when Olumba, the leader of the scouts, observed that instead of returning to the earth, the animals wandered the forest at night as undead and attacked bystanders, causing them to fall on an unknown disease. He brought the horn of one of the night deers to the village leader. The shamans tried to connect with the powers of nature that lie within everything that once lived, but something, some ghostly force, disrupted the connection. However, it was possible to estimate the approximate location of the source of the anomaly. The elders decided to send an expedition to locate the cause of the curse plaguing the nearby forests and, if possible, put an end to it.

Now, a small group of orcs wanders ahead. They took only what was necessary. They must save their strength, because the nights are dangerous and it is possible that they will not be able to sleep a wink after dark. Nakgu, the leader of the expedition, vigilantly examines the area from the back of his horse. He is responsible not only for the success of the mission, but also for food supplies and providing a safe place to stay overnight. When the entire forest becomes the territory of an invisible enemy, everything you’ll encountered: wild animal, fruit bush, stream, or spreading tree on whose branches you can spend the night, has strategic importance. Especially as dusk is slowly approaching, and with it, the curse will begin to take its toll.



A cool autumn morning. The day before, the village chief selected six brave orcs who, on his orders, will go east to investigate the source of the plague haunting the surrounding forests. Now, with proud step, the chosen warriors set off on their journey, farewelled by shamans singing songs in a long-forgotten language. In this way, the elders want to beg the nature spirits for support for the young heroes and ensure their safe return home. The adventure is just beginning...

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