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Deep in the dark forest thickets, evil forces awakened an ancient bony beast from its sleep. The monster haunts these lands, attacking passersby after dark. An expedition of brave orcs sets out to face the threat, defeat the curse and make this forest safe again!

This is just one of the stories you can bring to life with this set

Gathered friends,
Have you ever looked at your minifigures and thought that you would like to display them in some nice way on your shelf, but you lacked the small bricks to turn your vision into reality? If so, you may be interested in this project ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’d like to present to you my LEGO Ideas project: a set made of one big and seven smaller minifigure stands decorated with fine details in a medieval fantasy style. The idea for the stands was inspired by figures from popular board and Role Play games, painting of which is a very popular hobby among AFOLs I know.

But then, figure stands without figures are like table football without player figures, so they can't remain empty, right? Yes, you can replace the minifigures from the set with your own, but it would be good if the set itself constituted a complete product. So to make the project look complete, I crowned each stand with a fully equipped minifigure standing on it and to keep the set focused on one faction, I decided to use orcs.
Why Orcs? Orcs are a very popular race in fantasy and fit into many sci-fi and fantasy universes, as well as the LEGO Castle series. It means that my project could attract the interest of builders who would like to supplement their models of medieval castles or battlefield dioramas with a faction of wild green-skinned warriors and we all know that Castle, next to BIONICLE, is one of the most popular LEGO series ๐Ÿ˜‰
I wanted each orc's equipment to be associated with a certain class of character and gain an individual identity through unique armor and weapons. At the same time, I designed the environment for each figure to match its design, thanks to which not only the figures themselves, but also the small dioramas that form one with them, are unique and at the same time fit in well with each other stylistically.
But let's not forget about the most important part of the project. After all, it is not intended to function as a battle pack. Yes, we have a pretty small party in it, but in fact, the orc figures are the least important part of the entire project and were added by me only to make the set more attractive and to interest a wider audience. The main dish here are seven stands for figures in the form of round dioramas. This is something that many of us have tried to build at some point with available parts, but what, for some reason, we never received in any official set despite the popularity of such figurines with small decorative stands.
All minifigure stands have four trans-red crystals on their sides, symbolizing four health points, so you can play with them and recreate battle scenarios invented with your friends. And even if you are not interested in the Role Play potential of this project, from my own experience, I can assure you that these few figures look great on the shelf ๐Ÿ˜‰
Minifigures have always been the main heroes of various LEGO series and anyone who has been buying new sets for years surely has a lot of them. Some of them have a story related to the plot of the series they come from, some are background characters whose stories were left to our imagination and some are collector's minifigures. As we collect them, we gain a lot of parts, which are later stored in boxes with bricks awaiting to be used someday. This set aims to promote the idea of displaying your minifigures thanks to thematic stands that breath the new life into old figs and allows you to present them properly. Even a person who is not interested in orcs themselves can still buy this set to use the stands for a nicer display of the minifigures they already have. A package of visually attractive diorama stands has a high chance to encourage buyers to experiment with creating their own characters.
Popularizing the idea of presenting your favorite figures on decorative stands could also increase interest in series such as LEGO Minifigures, especially a fantasy-themed ones. My project would also be a great complementary product to all already existing LEGO Castle sets. It can be useful for army builders and dioramas can always serve as a part givers for those who want to build some custom landscape instead of seven separate stands. Afterall, you can find here a lot of small plates, plants and pieces useful in building custom trees and rocks. And forest scenery will work regardless of whether we want to present a Nazgul or an Ewok in it ๐Ÿ˜Š

But although, of course, the main course here are the smallest dioramas, apart from six orcs, I decided to enrich this project with one more hero, which, to be honest, was not originally part of my idea for this set but who ultimately towers over the other characters.

Inspired by gargantuan figures from universes such as Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer and wanting to create something universal and at the same time something that has never appeared in any LEGO set, I decided to construct a huge bone golem that would serve as a kind of boss to defeat. Undead villains were always popular in various LEGO series ๐Ÿ˜Š

Originally, I was aiming for something with a more abstract shape, some kind of conglomeration of bones in a humanoid shape, but eventually, inspired by the leshen from The Witcher 3 and the mythological wendigos, I constructed a slender bony figure with a deer skull in place of the head and named it "Cernunnos" due to its impressive antlers.

I distinguished its stand, which of course had to be larger than those intended for minifigures, by giving our beast twice as many HP crystals, and in order to improve the stability of Cernunnos himself (although he is able to stand stably on two legs) I built a high rock on the surface of the stand, against which the rest of the construction can be rested, which increases the number of positions in which we can place the beast without fear of it tipping over.

To create the illusion that the beast had just emerged from the ground, I attached green parts to its arms that simulate the moss growing on its bones and the vegetation that got tangled when Cernunnos rose.

The advantage of our bone beast is also that, despite having one specific form, it is composed of various white elements and has appropriate connectors so that it can be rebuilt into various bone monsters of your own design. From dragons, through wild boars, to scorpions. After all, LEGO is about imagination so when designing this set I made every effort to ensure that the set not only looks good when put together, but also inspires and provides parts to realize your own visions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You may have noticed that I keep mentioning seven figure stands. But there are actually six figures, right? Well, I decided that to diversify the project, the seventh "character" would not be an orc, but an orc siege machine. So I constructed a medieval ballista, a good shot from which may prove crucial in the fight against the colossal threat posed by beast. Set would probably benefit from adding an orc operating our ballista, but I think I used the space on the stand so well that such an addition is not needed to make this part of the set look complete.
Since my project consists of as many as 8 separate parts, it is difficult to show them all in just a few photos, so please visit my YouTube channel, where you will be able to see each building from all sides:

The project consists of approximately 1,500 elements and six orc figures.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll like this idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ Taohe Netrus ~

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