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The Herald

This build is a rendition of two of my original characters from one of my story worlds on Lego World Builder. The horse is Ro-Hummevar the Iron Heart and his rider is Zavan Kazla, who is the herald to the five ruling houses of the race of the Ancients in the Ever-Realm.
My first love is writing, but when I write I love to think about what certain characters or settings would look like in bricks and whether it could actually work as a build.
A couple of things I love about Ro-Hummevar:
  • The contrasting colors of black and white and the idea of Ro-Hummevar being black and warlike at the front but leaving white peace in his wake.
  • The articulation in the head, neck, shoulders, legs, and tail, which make him very posable.
  • His center of gravity is such that he can rear and hold that position, which was a delightful surprise, as I didn't consider that when I built him originally.
  • Chains as his mane and tail, which give him a lovely, fluid appearance.
  • And, finally, his proportions are perfect to accommodate a rider the size of Zavan, which was essential to me, because I wanted the race of Ancients to be bigger than minifigs, but still have minifigure heads without the heads looking disproportionately small on them.
Probably my main reason for submitting this build to LEGO Ideas is because my young daughter, who has almost no interest in LEGO but a massive interest in horses, keeps asking me whether she can take Ro-Hummevar to play with him.

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