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The Original Mastermind Game


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This is one of the all-time classic board games from the 80s - Mastermind!

For those who are young enough to not recognise it - it's a game of logic and deduction for two players. No Virtual Reality, 3D shoot-em-ups or Pokemon here! This is how we used to play games.

The idea is that one player would set a four-colour code, hidden behind the panel. The other player would then have up to 10 guesses to break the code. On each try the code setter would let the code breaker know how many colours they got right. Each correct colour in the wrong place gets a white peg, and each correct colour in the right place gets a black peg. The code breaker then uses this information to formulate their next move.

At the end of the game, you swap roles and go again. Simple and addictive!

The model is life-sized and the panel door can tip backwards to reveal the code at the end of the game, just like the original. It has 800 to 1000 pieces, depending on how many coloured pegs you want to make.

I hope you like it!


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