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Venetian Houses


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"One generally sits far too seldom at the sea."

This double modular size model comes with two wonderful meditarranean buildings. Both houses are dedicated to various cultural activities. The set adds a southern flair to every LEGO building collection. As a longtime fan of Venice I could not resist to add a picturesque bridge, a typical water canal and, of course, a gondola. And it could be the first modular set on shelves with direct access to the sea!



  • fully playable, all parts are accessible with no problems
  • the set can be placed the other way around, with one long canal as result
  • the walls are double-walled constructed
  • the two facades are inspired by genuine houses
  • 17 minifigures
  • 2 x standard modular size
  • ca. 4500 bricks


The big House:

Library (first floor):

  • Librarian with reception
  • bookcases, seats and rare documents
  • book corner for children
  • tiltable stairs to the second floor
  • back door to the boat dock

Music School (second floor):

  • big auditorium with a grand piano
  • music teacher and a prima donna
  • a separated music exercise room with two pupils


  • small boat dock
  • Venetian gondola with a gondolier and passenger


The smaller House:

Museum (first floor):

  • small museum with contemporary art
  • beautiful corkscrew stairs

Apartment (second floor):

  • Ilona's luxurious flat
  • king size bed
  • desk and bookcase


  • Venetian bridge with tourists
  • canal with water, flowing to both back sides
  • yet another boat dock with Alberto, the fisher


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