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Ninjago Lake Base Attack

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A Lego Ninjago set created using the Lego Digital Designer. The Skeletons are attacking the Ninja's Lake Base outpost! But Kai and Zane will defeat them!

There is one main entrance that leads into the Base over a bridge, and at the first floor there is a dungeon with a trap door.

The set includes the minifigures Kai, Zane and two new designed Skeletons. The new story will be about the return of the skeletons who now work for a new villain. The Skeletons are trying to take over Ninjago, and at the Ninja's Lake Base outpost there will be a battle between skeletons and Ninja.

One other set planned for that new Ninjago line will be the Portal to the Skeletons' Fortress, including two skeletons, too.

I would like everyone to support my project so I will get as many supporters as possible, soon.

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