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Launched on Christmas Day in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the most powerful space telescope ever built, a collaboration between NASA, ESA, and CSA.
JWST is so large that it had to be “folded” to fit within the rocket and “unfolded” after it was launched into space. Just like the real JWST, this LEGO model folds into a stowed position for launch, features all of the major moving components, and is roughly to scale with a minifigure. It has a curved primary mirror made up of 18 movable hexagonal segments and a hinged secondary mirror. All of JWST’s major subsystems are incorporated, including the science instruments, and the propulsion, power, and communications subsystems. This third and final iteration adds the "frill" around the primary mirror--the jagged black outline that prevents stars behind the telescope from reflecting off the secondary mirror.

I am an astronomer and I am amazed at the complexity of JWST. There are so many moving parts and systems that all have to operate together to make the telescope work. I wanted to build a model to help others appreciate this incredible machine. I hope this LEGO set will help builders and students worldwide understand the remarkable engineering that went into creating this enormous space telescope and learn the basics of how a telescope works. This model “unfolds” just like the real thing, so builders can see how this telescope transforms after it launches into space.
Support this project and help spread the word so you can build your own LEGO JWST and launch it in your home!

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