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Luxurious Superyacht (With Full Interior)


The Idea

It is summer and the perfect time to go on a holiday trip to a tropical island! What better way to travel would there be than on a Luxurious Superyacht?

When I designed this project, I tried to shape the yacht in a way that made it both a play set and a tasteful display model. I thus made the outside design as realistic as possible while also making it possible to remove certain parts of the ship and open up the sides of the hull to gain easy access to the interior for full playability!

The Build

The Superyacht consists of three main sections:

The Bridge
The Bridge is easily accessible from the Main Deck via a staircase. It contains the main ship controls and navigation devices as well as an additional seating area.

The Main Deck
The Main Deck consists of a kitchen and a dining room section. Additionally, it contains an outdoor jacuzzi in the back!

The Lower Deck
The Lower Deck consits of the master bedroom, a bathroom and a big living room with a billiard table, a flat sceen TV and two couches. The Lower Deck also contains an outdoor sitting area with two sunloungers.

Length: 62cm
Number of Pieces: 1950

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