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Modular Library


600 Supporters!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped this project get this far by sharing and supporting! The Modular Library has entered the top probably 20%-18% of LEGO Ideas projects! I ask you to please continue sharing and supporting!

Also, please check out and consider supporting my International Space Station, which is almost at 1,000 supporters!

Happy Building everyone!


250 Supporters!

This project has made it to 250 supporters, one-fourth of 1,000! While that isn't very significant compared to some other projects, I'm still very excited. With everyone who is supporting's help, we make it to 10,000. But before that, let's get that first comment from LEGO!

So please support this project!

Thank you!


200 Supporters!

I thank all of you who have supported this project. However, we still have a LONG way to go, 9,800 to be exact, so I need all of you to convince your friends and family to make accounts and support this project! Also, if you would two minutes to share this on face book or twitter or something like that, it would help this project tremendously. If you want to see the Modular Library as an official LEGO set, then please support!


New Renders of Design Changes

I've added a picture above the book drop and a self check-out. Like my other update, I had to delete part of the staircase, that WILL be included in the set.

Please support this project if you want the Modular Library to become a reality!


New Render of Bottom Floor and Librarian's Desk

At the request of someone, I added a new render of the bottom floor and the librarian's desk. I had to cut away part of the stairs for this render, but both wings of stairs will be included in this set, just in case there is any question about it. I extended the desk two studs and added a scanner.

Please support this project and share this with your friends and family!

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