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Modular Library


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This is my idea for a modular library. It's inspired by Romanesque buildings giving it an ancient feel versus a more modern take on a library.

On the first floor is a statue, a book drop, a librarian's desk, two tables with lamps, and a grand staircase.

The second floor contains a wall of bookcases, four tables with chairs for people to read or study at, and another table with a map and a document. On the right side of the wall is an ornate clock.

The final floor contains three walls of bookshelves and three aisles of books.

The minifigures I included are only suggestions since the choices on LDD are very limited. It will include two librarians, a college student, and several children and adults.

The final piece count is 4,175. This is mostly due to the fact that LDD only has tiny bricks in the color I used for the interior. If this reaches 10,000 supporters, LEGO will be able to drastically reduce the piece count.

Please support this project if you want this to become an official LEGO set! And don't stop there. Share this with your friends and family and on every website you can think of! Only you can make this a reality!

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