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Modular Nature Scenes Bookend

What is it:
This is a modular set of nature scenes set on a stand. Each scene is built on a 4x8 plate and all the scenes are interchangeable and can be reattached in a multitude of ways, thanks to the use of technic pins. There are 4 scenes: a volcano, a forest, a desert, and a beach. The unique design of each scene means that looking directly at it, all of the scene on the other side cannot be seen. The build comprises of 705 pieces.
There are multiple functions built into the stand. Using technic pieces, the stand can rotate the nature scenes, so that 2 scenes can be seen at one time back to back. This, combined with the usage of rotating bricks to turn the builds around 360°, allows for a multitude of display options. 6 different combinations, and counting the 4 different sides to display, 24 different ways to display the modular nature scenes. Two of the parts of the top of the build can be lifted up, to turn the model, or put down, to keep them in place. A handle that is detachable can be used to turn the technic pieces, turning the models. Since the handle is detachable, and the rest of the build does not jut out anywhere, all sides can be used as a bookend. There is a compartment in the lower middle of the build that holds the handle when it is not in use.
Why did you build it:
I started building this mainly as a stand for my other LEGO ideas creation:(, but it slowly evolved as I added more scenes to make it better to display, and made the stand bigger to be able to rotate the models. I made multiple renditions of the final product in real life, before I realized that with a few tweaks this could be a functional bookend as well. I did not have the LEGO pieces to do this, so I used MecaBricks to make it online.
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set:
I believe this would make a great LEGO set because not only would it be a cool decorative piece, it would also be functional, as you can use it as a bookend. The modular design of the nature scenes would also keep the build fresh, so it would take much longer for it to get boring. If you’ve made it all the way down here in the description, Good Job! I hope you like it, and please support and share if you do!

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