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City Square 48

The last couple months I spent designing a city square that fits on a 48x48 baseplate.

The complete mini city is sectioned in three different parts.

Residential area
Complete with three two storey modular houses.
1. House has two separate entrances and solar panels on the roof
2. Is a tiny house with a fold-out bed and roof-top terrace with grill
3. Luxury house with sliding doors and an urban garden on the roof

Leisure area
A park with a large fountain that can be enjoyed while sitting on park benches. Two chess tables and a playground with rock climbing, see-saw and sandpit.

Commercial area
The busy residents of the city can have fun at the local English pub. Either have a drink at the bar, eat some hot dogs, play a round of pool or enjoy the old-timey arcade game. People who prefer sweets can stop by the American style ice cream shop next door. 

Design thoughts
I tried adding many small details without cluttering everything. The city has been designed for Minifigs, so every floor is somehow accessible, either through stairs or a ladder. To ensure playability every roof and top floor can be removed, additionally one house features walls that can be opened and the ice cream shop folds out. Technically the road is wide enough for 6 stud cars, but in the spirit of the small scale I went with classic 4 stud cars. I used common colours and parts, attempting to keep costs as low as possible.

Hope you like my first ideas attempt, would appreciate your support!

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