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Jeopardy Set

This is Jeopardy!

Initially debuting in 1964, this well known game show uses a unique answer and question format, the show provides the answer, the contestants must provide the relevant question. Three contestants choose selections from six categories and five dollar amounts - either winning or losing the specified amount. Double Jeopardy doubles the money values from Single Jeopardy, while Final Jeopardy consists of a single question and the contestants are able to bid some or all of their accumulated score. Occasionally, a special square known as a "Daily Double" allows a contestant to customize their wagered money for a particular question.

My model reflects the Jeopardy set from around 2006, as I thought it would lend itself to rendition in LEGO. I consider my set quite complete, including a double-sided game board with appropriate dollar amounts, 12 unique categories, three contestants, a daily double tile, Final Jeopardy lectern dividers, and minifigure versions of the long-running host and announcer: Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert, both with the show since 1984. Alex Trebek hosted the show until his death in 2020 while Gilbert continues to provide voice-overs for the show.

Jeopardy, at it's core, is a celebration of knowledge and trivia. It's a thinking person's game, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who's ever dreamed of recreating the show. I felt that, with Trebek's recent passing, that I'd attempt to celebrate the show's legacy with my own rendition of the set.

I've done my best to render both Gilbert and Trebek true to form, though I had to include a hat to mount Gilbert's headphones. Alex Trebek sported two looks over the years - both with and without a mustache, and I'd hope to include a double-sided head to allow players to choose their preferred look. The contestants are intentionally generic to allow players to place themselves in the game.

Some artistic concessions were made for the set - in reality the contestants would be directly facing the game board, but here the sections are angled to allow for maximum visibility. As mentioned, the game board is double-sided and can be easily flipped to switch between Single and Double Jeopardy. For Final Jeopardy, dividers can be added to the contestant lecterns to allow the contestants to write their answers privately. Trebek's lectern features a display screen to feed him the clues for reading to the contestants. Gilbert, rarely seen, is tucked on the left side to provide his distinctive voice-overs.

I'm rather proud of this set and, as an avid Jeopardy fan, want to spread the joy of this trivia show with the rest of the world.

This LEGO set depicts a long-running trivia game show.
What is Jeopardy?

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