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A Map of Middle-Earth


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Hey, Lego fans!

I'm Artem. I really love The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And i'm so excited to show you my little Idea.

Before we start let me ask you: do you know that Minas Morgul is across the river from Minas Tirith? That very close! BOOM! Now you know. And can explore more...

Look at this beautiful Middle Earth Lego map! The legend on your table.

I have placed and signed all the key objects from both trilogies. Now everyone can visually explore the path of the heroes there and back again.
Also here are the pretty travelers microfigures for your convenience.
Put your micro-Frodo and micro-Sam in the Dead Swamps, Pippin and Merry in the Fangorn forest, and everyone else in Helm's Deep - so you played the events of the Two Towers.

I hope you enjoy my Middle-earth map! 😉

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