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Among Us: The Skeld Detailed Map


Among Us: The Pet Update

Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last update so today I thought I'd pop back with the latest update: The Pet Update! Pets are one of the cute accessories in Among Us, following you around doing tasks or killing other players. Today, I've added six of the pets from Among Us as LEGO builds in this LEGO Ideas project.

These six pets are small builds, but they add an extra element of life to the game!

As the project is currently at 3000 pieces, I wasn't able to add a significantly large build, but I hope you like these new pets! Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments, and feel free to suggest any future updates you would like to see!

Also, the project is approaching 10,000 very soon, but I need your help to qualify by the January 4th deadline! Please share the project with your friends and support if you haven't already – I truly, truly appreciate it.


5K Update!

Thank you all for 5000 supporters! Today, I reveal my update that is based on your feedback to the project as a celebration and a way of saying thank you for the halfway milestone.

One key feedback I got was that the Storage room was too small – and rightfully so. Today, I have updated Storage to a more accurate, larger size, which makes the map as a whole more accurate to the in-game design.

The new Storage update makes it more spacious, and has more crates – including the important floating box. The trash chute design has been expanded, and the red oilcan is still there so that Crewmates can quickly refuel the engines.

This has also allowed me to update the trash ejection design. You can pull on the red lever to eject the trash, which now works in a much smoother and more effective way.

The restructuring of Storage also enabled me to change the shape of Electrical and MedBay slightly, allowing them to be shaped more accurately.

Other rooms, like Cafeteria, have not been changed, but I welcome any feedback you might have in the comments section!

Report the dead body!

The Dropship has now been incorporated into the main project, while the minifigure stand has received an update:

That's it for the new update! New pictures will go up soon hopefully. Comment any feedback you'd like to see in future!


New MEGA Update at 5000 Supporters!

Hey everyone! Thank you all for the incredible support so far. The project is quickly approaching 5000 supporters, and as a way of thanking you all, I have an update planned for the milestone!

Based on the feedback I've received on this creation – which has been very positive and constructive – I have made some changes to the model, especially to the Storage room (many LEGO fans rightfully pointed out it was too small.)

I plan to post the update at 5000 supporters! Thank you to everyone who has supported so far – please share the project with all your friends and ask them to support: this project needs all the support we can get!

Also, comment below what you would like to see in the upcoming 5k update!


4000 Supporters! Thank you all so much!

Hey everyone! Checked the project today and saw it has now reached FOUR THOUSAND supporters! Thank you to everyone who has supported and spread the word. I truly appreciate it so much. Please continue to share the project – we need to keep the momentum going if we are to reach 10,000!

Thank you all once again to everybody who has got the project this far. I appreciate all the kind comments and feedback, and am working to incorporate your feedback into the model! Stay tuned for more updates to the build in future :)


Among Us – The Dropship Update!

Hey everyone! Today I have finally finished and added one critical part of the game – the dropship! Players will no doubt recognize this iconic ship, which serves as the lobby before the game starts. The LEGO model has eight seats (unfortunately I could not fit all ten in), a computer to customise your outfit and hats, and even a driver's seat with handlebar and windows! The two engines are mounted on both sides to propel this dropship through the skies. Minifigures can sit in the dropship and wait for the game to start, or lower the boarding ramp and head off to new adventures!

This update brings the total piece count to 2998 pieces. I fit in as much detail as I could under the 3000 piece limit. This is yet another addition to the incredibly accurate Skeld Map, and plays a crucial role in the gameplay. I hope you like this update – support the project if you haven't already, and comment your thoughts. I'd really appreciate it!

^ The completed set after the update


1000 supporters!

It's a little late, but thank you all SO MUCH for 1,000 supporters! The support has been insane, and I appreciate all the kind words. Let's keep the momentum going! :)

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