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Wilderness Railroad: Lego’s First Drop Track Roller Coaster

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Journey into the wilderness!
Take a trip on a runaway train into the dark woodland wilderness but beware where you go as an abandoned building in the woods hides a dark secret within. Experience the thrills of the world's first Lego drop track roller coaster onboard Wilderness Railroad!

The Project
Wilderness Railroad is the first Lego Roller Coaster to feature a functioning drop track element as well as the first to feature a backwards section and has the highest capacity of a Lego roller coaster with three trains each with three cars. Drop track roller coasters are very difficult to recreate with other building toys and roller coaster based games not able to enable this however, they are possible with Lego which was the main reason for creating this project to be able to create my own drop track roller coaster. Similar to real drop track roller coasters, this features a backwards section after the drop track which adds another dimension to the ride and is another reason why this is not like any other Lego roller coaster. The theme of the ride was also chosen based on existing rides and the ride type. Because this is a drop track roller coaster, it suits a darker and spookier theme which is why it was chosen and lead to the name of Wilderness Railroad as it is set in the wilderness of the woods featuring the abandoned building as the focal point.

Elements of the ride
The ride operates with 3 trains and features a short outdoor layout featuring 2 lift hills and a camera for ride photos, a drop track element, a backwards section in the dark, a transfer track, ride station and maintenance area with tools and is able to hold up to 2 trains at any time. The ride also includes walkways which give access to both lift hills and the brake run for emergency access and an emergency exit from the drop rom. This also features a ride photo kiosk and 3 different queue lines including the main queue, fast track queue and Ride Access Pass also known as the disabled queue. The features such as the extra queues, walkways/emergency exits and maintenance area add extra detail to the ride making it more realistic. The realism is also achieved in the ride station building which features a main ride control panel and a smaller panel on the wall used by the platform host to signal when the train is ready to be dispatched. The station also features a bag hold to leave lose items whilst on the ride.

Ride experience
The ride leaves the station and turns right before climbing the first lift hill. The ride then drops over the edge before riders are then thrown back up and into a sharp turn right before dropping back down and into another sharp right turn. The ride then makes its way up the second lift hill and right into the abandoned building. The pin is pulled from the side of the building and the track falls down the 15cm drop! Then reach in and flick the train backwards into the dark tunnel. The train then emerges from the other side onto the transfer track which can move sideways to bring the train back to the station.

This also includes 8 minifigures which are split into 3 guests and 5 staff members. The staff include 1 ride operator, 1 platform host (the person who checks the lap bars), 1 queue line host, 1 engineer who works in the maintenance bay and finally 1 ride photo vendor. 

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