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Luke’s Diner Modular— Gilmore Girls


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This is my model of Luke’s Diner from the popular television series Gilmore Girls.

Perhaps the most iconic building from the show, I believed it would make a perfect corner modular building for fans of both LEGO and Gilmore Girls. So I built this.

Each floor can separate for easy play and display (See image #2). The first floor is the Diner, with details such as the “No Cell Phones” sign and the daily special chalkboard that only changes once. The second floor is Luke’s apartment, in what used to be his dad’s office. The third floor is what I imagined the attic being like (I had to fill it with something, because it turns out Luke’s actually has four floors on the outside, and I already had an unusually tall floor to deal with one of them).

The characters are as follows:
  • Luke Danes, in his most successful outfit
  • Jess Mariano, Luke’s nephew
  • Lorelai Gilmore, in her business suit
  • Rory Gilmore, in her Chilton uniform
  • Taylor Doose, who owns most of the businesses in town
  • Kirk Gleason, who works at most of the businesses in town
  • The Town Troubadour, about whom nobody knows anything

Whenever this project reaches a milestone, I’ll post a close-up image for clearer details in the “updates” section.

Determine for yourself: Would this make a great LEGO set? If so, please support it! Thank you!

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