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Bombardier Dash 8


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The Bombardier Dash 8 series taking off from some remote island, connecting all the odd and even places along the rugged Norwegian coast, getting grandma home on the Canadian prairie or getting backpackers into and out of the Australian outback (poisonous spiders optional); this workhorse is an icon of broader horizons.

Now, about the model: The color scheme is inspired by the Norwegian operator Widerøe (link to image of one of their Dash 8 - 100 planes), the model's proportions is perhaps most reminiscent of the 8- 300 versions of the plane. The model is sized among the larger LEGO City planes (like the plane model in the airport set 60104). The build is perhaps a tad bit more challenging than the usual City set, but I doubt it will be anything but rewarding to construct. It is built in segments joined by connector pegs w. friction, allowing access to the interior. The model features a detailed cockpit, a cabin with reclining seats on both sides of the aisle,  a way too narrow toilet (got to keep it realistic), a trolley and four minifigures (pilot, steward, two passengers). The luggage compartment has access from two doors. Landing gear with turnable nose using a few Technic pieces. The wings are modelled to resemble the shape of a real flight surface, the turboprop motors (Pratt & Whitney PW123) should keep the model airborne in the strongest gale.

Hope you like the design!

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