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Space X Dragon Collectors Set


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Hi Everyone,

I would like to present the Lego Ideas Community with The Space X Dragon Collectors Set. Please take a moment to read the information below to understand what is in the set, what it represents and some interesting information about the vehicles!

Space X has been in the space business since 2002 after Elon Musk risked his finances on getting into Orbit with their first rocket, Flacon 1. Now, in 2020 Space X has a range of vehicles in their fleet that take satellites up to Low Earth orbit and beyond. Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy are the main rockets being used with their Starship/Super Heavy launch vehicle in the making. The set I present today is the Dragon Spacecraft’s which is a family of capsules that send cargo and crew to the International Space Station. Space X became the first private company to dock a private spacecraft with the ISS in 2012 and have continued to do so. This year, as of March 8<sup>th</sup>, cargo dragon version 1 launched for the last time. To clarify, here is what’s included in the set:

Cargo Dragon V1

Crew Dragon (Dragon V2)

Cargo Dragon XL

Merlin Engine

Ripley (Space X Suit)

Cargo Dragon 1 is the current dragon spacecraft that is being used to take cargo to the ISS by Space X, however, it is being retired after the final flight.

Crew Dragon (Also known as Dragon V2) is Space X’s crewed capsule capable of taking 7 crewmembers of the US to the ISS. This spacecraft will become the first to take American’s on American rockets off American soil to the ISS since the Space Shuttle which last launched in 2011. Once cargo dragon version 1 is retired soon this year, the crew dragon will also be used for cargo missions. Crew Dragon has integrated Super Draco engines that are used for in-flight aborts if needed. One proposed idea by Space X was to use the Super Draco engines to land the capsule propulsively after re-entering the atmosphere however this idea was discarded as it was unreliable and possibly unsafe.

Cargo Dragon XL is a brand new version of dragon that Space X only revealed on the 27th of March 2020. It has been contracted by NASA to complete resupply missions to the new Lunar Gateway Station, soon to be operational around 2024. Only a few images exist of this spacecraft as it is new however the best and most reliable image published by NASA has been used to create the model.

The Merlin Engine included in the collectors set is the workhorse engine for Space X, powering the Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy it has been used since the beginning of Space X and was created with the Falcon 1. Merlin is the engine that I used when powering the Dragon capsules to space as all the capsules launch aboard a Falcon 9, however Cargo Dragon XL is rumored to be launching aboard a Falcon Heavy as its destinations is a lunar orbit. The model of the Merlin Engine is highly detailed; it even includes the exhaust gas pipe as seen on the real thing. The Merlin Engine is an open cycle rocket engine being it discards the exhaust gases.

Ripley was the name of the test dummy that occupied the first Crew Dragon test flight back in March 2019. The Minifigure not only represents Ripley but it also represents the Space X Suit that will be used by Astronauts when flying aboard Crew Dragon.

Features of this set include 2 stands for Cargo Dragon and Cargo Dragon XL, with Crew Dragon in the center and spots for Ripely and the Merlin Engine. The display is completely free of visible studs and it gives the set an appealing look. The stands can be moved and manipulated in any way to your liking. The crafts are connected via a technic pin and can be easily taken off.

I hope you like the set, I know it’s one of my favorites I’ve made and its dear to my heart!

Bring it on! Or should I say, Brick It On!


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