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Villa SAVOYE - サヴォア邸

2012.08.22 / 250 supporters : + 25 since my first announcement.
2012.07.24 : May be not yet announced, may be not better, but TGL will produce another version of this villa, soon. You can read our discussion for more informations if you want.
Anyway :

The main idea of this CUUSOO is to expand the LEGO Architecture line to creation from Europe.

My first proposal is a reproduction of the Villa Savoye built between 1928 and 1931 made of 671 pieces, 20 studs large, 24 studs long and 25 plates hight.

This building is considered by many to be the seminal work of the Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier. Situated at Poissy, outside of Paris, it is one of the most recognisable architectural presentations of the International Style. It is emblematic of his oeuvre in that it addressed "The Five Points", his basic tenets of a new aesthetic of architecture constructed in reinforced concrete, which are :

--- 1. The pilotis, or ground-level supporting columns, elevate the building from the damp earth allowing the garden to flow beneath.
--- 2. A flat roof terrace reclaims the area of the building site for domestic purposes, including a garden area.
--- 3. The free plan, made possible by the elimination of load-bearing walls, consists of partitions placed where they are needed without regard for those on adjoining levels.
--- 4. Horizontal windows provide even illumination and ventilation.
--- 5. The freely-designed facade, unconstrained by load-bearing considerations, consists of a thin skin of wall and windows.

ル・コルビュジェの5つの原則~サヴォワ邸 Villa Savoye
ル・コルビュジェ(Le Corbusier 1887­-1965)。 建築に興味のある方なら、彼の名を知らぬ者は誰1人いな いであろう、20世紀を代表する偉大な建築家である。
ル・コルビュジェ初期の代表作である この「サヴォワ邸 (Villa Savoye)」は、 保険会社を経営するサヴォワ夫妻が 週末を過ごす為の別荘として 1928~1931年にかけて建築 されたもので、「明るい時間(Heures Claires)」と名付け られていた。
大通りに面した白いフェンスを潜り、生い茂る木立の中を 抜けると、突然、緑の中に真っ白な長方形が現れる。 細いピロティが周囲の緑に限りなく溶け込んでしまってお
り、この住居部分だけがまるで「空中に浮かぶ箱」の様に見えるのである。 このサヴォワ邸は、1927年にル・コルビュジェが表明した「ピロティ(Pilotis)」、「屋上庭 園(Toits - jardins)」、「自由な設計(Plan Libre)」、「自由な平面(Façade Libre)」、そして、 「横長の連続窓(Fenêtre en Longueur)」という近代建築における5つの原則を探求・実現化 したものであり、80年という年月が経過した現在でも、その斬新さは驚くに値する。

You can click here for more informations about the villa from the Foundation Le Corbusier in french, and here from in english, both with pictures from the site.

This version was made by LEGO Digital Designer software, because of lack of particular color items : sand-green or trans-black curved slop 1x3 (# 50950) and tile 1x3 (# 63864), white 3L bar (# 87994).

You can support this idea for your passion for modern houses or for new parts from LEGO catalog or may be for our poor students in Architecture who always need to remember our old masters. (K_A)°

You can click here for more pictures at Flickr,
and here for the LDD.lxf as building instructions, via Mocpages.

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