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The Wizards Tower

This is a design for a wizard's tower. I built it because I've never seen an official LEGO wizard tower. Most of the wizard sets are very small, including just the wizard and a few other things. It would be cool if there was a tower for the wizard. I used the Knight design from 2007 Castle sets. I like that design because that's what I played with when I was a kid. The set includes a troll, 2 ogres, an ogre wizard, 1 archer, 2 knights and a wizard.

The building has a storage room for treasure, a prison to lock up the evil ogre wizard, and it includes a bedroom for the wizard with a desk a bed and a bookshelf. The tower has a room for making potions and a room full of crystals. On the top of the tower is a device for charging crystals. I hope you enjoy my design and consider supporting. Thank you.

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