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The Black Carriage and Fang Barracks


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Far across the Dark Sea of Darkness, and settled atop the towering cliffs, is the small and free city of Glipwood. Well, it is free apart from the overruling Fangs of Dang who frighten and oppress the citizens for the sport and pleasure of it, and also because they were woefully commissioned by the Evil ruler of the dreaded land Dang. This Evil and nameless ruler is known as Gnag the Nameless. Now, apart from all this lovely detail, and somewhere on the outskirts of the Glipwood township, lives a small and somewhat orderly family known as the Igiby family. It is this family who has now found themself in trouble with the dreaded Fangs, and who are in danger of taking a ride in the horrible Black Carriage. For a description of the carriage, I shall insert a poem. 

"Lo, beyond the River Blapp,
The Carriage comes, the Carriage Black
By shadowed steed with shadowed tack
And shadowed driver driving

"Child, pray the Maker let you sleep
When comes the Carriage down your street
Lest all your dreams be dreams of teeth
And Carriages arriving

"To wrest you from your berth and bower
In deepest night and darkest hour
Across the sea to frozen tower
Where Gnag the Nameless pounds you

"At Castle Throg across the span,
A world away from kith and clan
You'll weep at how your woes began
The night the shadows bound you

"Away, beyond the River Blapp,
The Carriage came, the Carriage Black
By shadowed steed with shadowed tack
The night the Carriage found you.”

Now that you have been comfortably acquainted with this machine of madness, you may understand the severity in taking a ride behind its bared doors. Indeed, such a ride could mean dreadful things for the Igiby family, but wait, a strange jester like character has  a different plan in mind. Pete the Sock Man has suddenly arrived more wild and crazy than ever seen before! How will this sprawl of uncertainty play out? It is only to be revealed in Andrew Petersons first book of The Wingfeather Saga, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.

Thanks for reading. As you have already seen, this is based off of Andrew Petersons masterpiece of a saga. It has taken me about a year to finish this project, and I have had many difficulties in doing so. However, it has been worth it. The Wingfeather Saga is an epic series of books that not only have you laughing your socks off while slapping counters, but it will also send passioned thrill through your veins. I’ve never come across books that weave truth, adventure, depth, and beauty in such an untraceable web of sea dragons, caverns, and forests. I hope y’all will not only support this project, but also share it in any way you can! Link to the official Wingfeather webpage,

Idea includes,

Minifigures: Two Fangs, the Carriage driver, Janner Igiby, Tink (Kalmar) Igiby, Leeli Igiby, Nia Igiby, Podo Hemler, and Pete the Sock Man. 

Builds: Fangs barracks with removable wall and roof. Black Carriage with Removable roof. 

Animals: Two horses, two crows, and one dog (Nugget).


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