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Play to Trade


Almost finished



Half work is done!

Ou! We can see the underdeck..


Building is going well!

I will try to build one side of the ship full shaped and second side open to look inside.



Can I build It from real bricks?

Winter is comming so I should try to build my idea from real bricks. I know that I dont have accurate collours for many pieces.. but missing shapes (correct bricks) will be bigger problem. :-) 



Learn the balance

The main purpose of this model is to learn and develop knowledge about balance and good layout of weight.

Can you assemble a correctly spaced load in a predetermined space so it is not overbalanced?

I have prepared a field of 12x10 points that can be filled with 6 LEGO chests of 6x4 size. When we determine the weight of the individual chests (rare fabrics, rum, apples, or cannon balls), an equation emerges from which we can get 120 possible combinations. But only a certain number of them will create a properly balanced object.

In the official set will be a instructions with pre-calculated weight of the chests, and the only task for builders will be to put the chests correctly side by side.

However, the LEGO bricks offer a plethora of differently weighing bricks so new and new variants and combinations can be invented. Never-ending fun with education.


My favourite looks in comparison with wooden model

I would like to express my great thanks to the author of this inspiring model. Peter's photos helped me in many ways.


Try this:

I was thinking how to build the best sail-yard. It must be stiff, slim and cool :-). Because what if you need to play here your final battle?!  So, what do you think? You can try to use it: 

The ship has two this yards, two shorter types, one galf (on the back-side of the ship) and one shortest on the front of the ship.

Or if you need yard without functional sail, you can build this:


Inspiration for the ship - picture gallery

I spent lot of time with original drawings of ship Flauta Derfflinger to create the best replication and even more time to transforming it to simply playable LEGO model:

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