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The Finish of the Tour De France™


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Hi, I'm Arnaud and I'd like to introduce you my project : the finish of the Tour de France™ !

I've ever been a fan of the Tour de France™ since I was a kid. All year round, I look forward to this time of the year for all the emotions it brings.
After July, I dream of being able to feel those emotions and relive those moments over and over again.
That's why I wanted to make this Lego Tour de France™ set : THE set I would have dreamed of having as a child.
This 1853 parts set is composed of five elements :
  • The finish podium. This is the central element. It features the yellow jersey raising its arms, a hostess, the race director, and a height-adjustable camera with a little screen.
  • The finish arch with a very realistic road, advertising panels, the green and white jerseys (best sprinter and best young rider), the famous red race car driven by the race director, and the highly detailed commentator's booth.
  • An interview area with sponsor panels, a journalist and the red dots jersey (best climber), as well as the riders' recovery bikes.
  • The equipment lorry in the colours of the Tour, with doors that open to store the camera, advertising panels and safety barriers.
  • The publicitary caravan with three vehicles including the goodies and the famous yellow jersey's lion which can be animated by hand.
There are 10 minifigures : The four distinctives jerseys, a journalist/camerawoman, a hostess, the director of the race, and three members of the public. Obviously, a minifigure can be moved on the part of the set of your choice: the camerawoman can also drive the lorry, the hostess can also drive a caravan's vehicle, etc.
All these elements are decorated with fake teams logos, and fake sponsors. And because Lego exists to allow everyone to imagine their dreams, I've given the yellow jersey to a French rider. I hope our Danish friends will forgive me !

The truck is inspired by the 7733 and 60418 models, the car is inspired by the 60239 model, the lion comes from the 31150 set, and the caravan's SUV is inspired by the set n°60058. Everything else is my own creation, made with Studio 2.0.
The Tour de France™ is a very popular event :
  • 150 million television viewers only in Europe
  • 11.6 million followers on social networks
  • Broadcasted in 190 countries
That's why I think it's an anomaly that it doesn't exist in Lego. All the more so when you consider the Danish success of the event, whether with Jonas Vingegaard or the impressive crowds present in Denmark at the start in 2022.
It's also easy to imagine other sets based on this theme in the future, such as different team coaches, the TV set, new vehicles to complete the caravan, ...
So if you're a fan of the Tour de France™ , or if you simply love this creation, and you'd like to see it in real life in your living room one day : support it !
Thank you very much!

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